A Belated Appreciation of Frankie Cosmos’ Next Thing

Review: Frankie Cosmos – Next Thing, Bayonet Records, April 2016

Greta Kline’s second studio album was a beautiful continuation of the upbeat, casual yet honest songwriting of her first album, Zentropy, and the Fit Me In EP. A diverse array of songs, none reaching over the 3:00 mark, make for a delightful journey of intimacy and purity, with a simple approach to lyrics that again is best¬†typified by the word ‘honest’. The four singles released epitomise this delightful maturity, songs like “Is it Possible / Sleep Song” and “On the Lips” showing the strength of the musical composition in recurrently deep and introspective basslines and relaxed drumbeats, with Kline’s superbly graceful voice layered over them. Personal favourites “Too Dark” and “Outside with the Cuties” exemplify Cosmos’ wonderful understanding of space, timing, and grace. Cheerful yet sincere, would-be-throwaway lines like “Goodbye forever, what the fuck” (“Is it Possible / Sleep Song”) can be found throughout, achieving a wonderful balance between sincerity and informality. I was lucky enough to see the outfit perform in London this Summer, and suffice it to say the magnetism of Kline’s vocals and aura are only magnified in person, the delight of her response to what was apparently her first sign in an audience only a small example of this. She went on to tour alongside Big Thief in the States in October and November last year, something I am truly disappointed to have missed out on. I would highly recommend catching both artists if you have the chance, and am eager to see what both outfits next produce.


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